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“We created Made for Joy for active, mindful individuals to reconnect with and cultivate their Joy in a shared experience, and in doing so, make our world a better place for it.”

Jack Abbott, Founder of Made for Joy
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Made for joy
Who are we?

Made for Joy is a community-centric, transformative collective for individuals to understand and rediscover the Joy that’s inside them. We are dedicated to helping people explore the concept of Joy in their lives within themselves, as well as within a shared community and global environment, and look to inspire others along the way.    

We create mindful experiences through a variety of expertly curated programs, events, travel excursions, talks, activities, and materials that allow people to step outside of their paradigms, take in their surroundings, look inward, and ultimately, learn to cultivate their own inner Joy and operate freely with others as the joyful being they are long after their time with us.

“Seeing our plans grow into the real people that are here, the joy that’s on many of their faces and the light shining from their eyes has been a gift beyond measure.”
Donna J.
Made for Joy
Our Vision

To make the world a better place through the shared power of human connection, compassion, intellect, creativity, mindfulness and the rediscovery of Joy as our birthright.

Our Mission

Bringing people together to rediscover the Joy in their hearts and minds so they can truly live in Joy daily and inspire others to do the same.

Made for Joy
Our History

Formed in 2016, Made for Joy is the culmination of life experiences by Founder Jack Abbott, who taught English in his early years in the jungles of Sumatra, Indonesia and exactly what began to reinform how he saw the world, and more importantly, how he wanted to interact with his world.

“I knew that one day I would pursue a greater purpose,” beamed Jack. “I saw people with incredibly diverse backgrounds, religions, political and moral belief systems work together, play together, and yes, live in Joy together.”

Amidst the stark backdrop of the recent war in Vietnam and the ever-growing cold war, Jack could no longer hide the fact that he knew his purpose was in bringing people together. Life, however, has a wonderful way of sidelining those best-laid plans, and with a loving marriage, children, and a “stable” job to occupy his attention, his purpose took a back seat. It was nearly 40 years before he came back to living his life purpose.

Following an extensive career in marketing, Jack turned a corner in his life when he realized one day on social media that the world is a mirror of your own emotion. The feelings you put out to the world either in a post or a casual conversation on the street, are exactly what you will see, hear and feel back. This notion fed into his own introspection and with an unquenchable passion for understanding the world around him, he found himself reading The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World by Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu. It was then that Jack turned his attention to Joy, and began to build something greater than himself. Jack called his dear friend Mark Tomascewicz and Made For Joy was born.

Made for Joy
How We Understand Our Joy

Our circumstances are always changing. The more we live a mindful, Joyful, life the more we can embrace daily challenges with joy, kindness, and compassion. We are all made for Joy, but Joy is not happiness. It is our birthright by design. What may surprise you is Joy already lives within all of us right now. Regardless of the direction of your life, you are fully capable of experiencing pure, authentic Joy in your life, not once, not every so often, but every day of your life.

We can experience true joy through sharing our journey with others. The key to this is accepting that Joy is fundamentally both a choice and a way of life. Because when we live life understanding Joy is a choice and a way to live, we have the capacity to experience Joy in any moment.

Learning to live in Joy in this way is merely a reflection of the natural potential of our minds uncovered and a direct outcome of nurturing its healthy qualities to bring your true joyous self to the surface.

Remember this is a journey, (not a switch you turn on or off) which requires a lifetime of work, but that work is what leads us to a lifetime of Joy. This is why so many leading thinkers, researchers and practitioners in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, education, and behavioral economics have studied the matter so deeply.

And it is that beautiful intersection of art, science, philosophy, music, food, entertainment, and travel that we believe we can help us to more readily tap into our Joy and realize our full potential in spreading that Joy to others throughout our world. This is how Joy can truly change the world.

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