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the GATHERING week
Todos los Santos
Todos los Santos
February 2020

Imagine spending your morning meditating with one of the foremost experts on socio-emotional learning before boarding a boat and enjoying the feeling of awe while meandering in silence amongst mother whales nurturing their young. Experience your Inner Joy. Gathering of Joy 2020 Baja Safari.

Don’t be surprised if the mother pushes her newborn calves to your boat on Magdalena Bay to say hello. Then, over lunch, have a one-on-one conversation with our co-hosts for the inside story of a week with the Dalai Lama and the Archbishop Desmond Tutu immersed in the pillars of Joy.

First, we’ll experience Isla Espiritu Santo one of the planets most diverse ecosystems. Here you can swim with baby sea lions and turtles, or burn off the delicious food in a sea kayak or on a paddle board. Feel a deep sense of awe as you swim with the sea’s “gentle giants” the Whale Sharks as we return to La Paz.

We’ll then head to Isla Magdalena in the world renowned Magdalena Bay where you may have a personal encounter with mother whales who migrate here to give birth and nurture their young, and you’ll do so in extraordinary company curated to create just the right container for human connection and deeper experiences you will carry with you into a bigger, more joyful life.

Layered on all this lusciousness are the opportunities sprinkled throughout the week to reflect, meditate, practice yoga, relax and chill with a book or with a fellow traveler.  We’ll have workshops on mindfulness, meditation, stress and aspects of Joy that interweave with the adventures in nature. And we’ll enjoy extraordinary music, not to mention a very special concert for our whale friends.

This rare opportunity for glamping and camping at National Marine Park and UNESCO World Heritage Sites Isla Espiritu Santo and the magnificent Isla Magdalena on Magdalena Bay, by themselves, are sure to create enough magical memories to last a lifetime. But by traveling there with the Gathering of Joy, connecting to marine life is only one part of the incredible experience. This trip to swim with whale sharks and see baby whales up close is made all the more special by the company you’ll be traveling with, as our co-hosts and provocateurs are experts in connection, compassion, emotional learning, meditation, well-being and letting go of what no longer serves you to create space for inner wisdom and lasting joy.

Join us and have your morning wake-up call be the sounds and songs of playful whales just meters from your bed. Supply your spirit the tonic of wildness and awe it needs, all while learning to cultivate and share a more meaningful, joyful life, with an extraordinary group of people.

“Movement, nature, breathing, settling in, getting away from electronics all those things that make Joy just right at my fingertips.”
Rachel A.
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