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March 1-7, 2025

“The more people recognize that Joy is already within them, the more they’ll share their joy with others. This is how we’ll change the world.”

Jack Abbott, Founder of Made for Joy
1 Mega Yacht, 60 Epic Humans, Infinite Possibilities
Variety Voyager Cruises     |     Spring, 2021

Cultivate and Inspire Joy Today.

Join us in coming together with other mindful individuals to explore the many spaces of Joy and rediscover what it means to be a truly joyful being. Our soulful workshops, guided meditations, introspective activities, talks, entertainment and altogether awe-inspiring experiences are designed to bridge the gap within your own mind and emotions.

With the help of the world’s leading thinkers and practitioners, our tailored experiences help you to enjoy the alchemy of empathy and compassion. Play, create, and rest in awe. We will move you through self-discovery to embrace, cultivate and share the true causes of Joy.

Gain the knowledge, tools and guidance to rewire your heart and mind and recreate your own recipe for Joy today!

“Without this I don’t think we can have major change. I think it has to be done in this collective force.”
Leslie M.
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“When we recognize joy is both a choice and a way to live, we can experience true joy in any moment.”
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