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June 12, 2019
I finally get it
Jack Abbott

I finally get it. What Joy is to me today is so different than before we started this journey to The Gathering of Joy. Before, Joy was the feeling that I had when things were going really well. When life was hitting on all cylinders -- the job, the work, the money, the relationships, even the weather, ....

Then, as we went around the circle on the labyrinth at Rancho La Puerta, and shared our feelings on the week and on JOY, it struck me. I can feel Joy even when things are not going well.  I can choose Joy in every situation.  It's my choice, and it takes work. We have to actively cultivate Joy.  

If everyone could feel what we feel, or at least what I felt that moment and still to this day, we would all be so JOYfull. What I felt was this unconditional gratitude that we were able to touch so many, so deeply. I now feel I should be, and want to, do everything I can, right now, to share with others. To be of service. To give unconditionally. To accept what I cannot change, to change what I can make better, and to always think about how I can make someone else's life just a little better....this is a euphoric place I've never visited before. It's a place that only love and kindness can find...it's a place where love exists without conditions, it's a place we can all be together. Do you feel that way, too?  If we can learn this life-changing shift in attitude, others can as well, if we spread the word.  I am dedicated to doing just that -- what about you?  Will you help Share Joy?

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